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Our pizzeria

Unlike most restaurants in Berlin, Mami Camilla’s is owned and operated by a bona fide Italian. My name is Giuseppe, and I grew up in Sorrento, Italy. I bring my knowledge, tradition, and culture with me to Berlin to give you a truly authentic Neapolitan pizza experience in a warm, Mediterranean-inspired setting. Come discover your new favorite neighborhood pizzeria!

The idea for Mami Camilla’s had its genesis during my childhood growing up in Sorrento. Food and hospitality have always been my family’s business. My grandmother taught my father about the local cuisine, and in 1959 he opened his own café, the first one in a village of 5,000. He then passed the family tradition along to me. As a child, I remember my grandmother teaching me the importance of family. To honor my mother Camilla, we aim to create an extended family environment for our guests, a place for the community to gather, meet, share, connect, and most of all, EAT delicious food made with only the freshest ingredients.

You can see an appetizing pizza with anchovies

What makes our pizza so special


At Mami Camilla, we strive to be the best Italian pizzeria in Berlin. Staying true to Italian heritage, we use only select, high-quality ingredients, make all our sauces from scratch, and source toppings, cheeses, and fresh vegetables direct from Italian producers. We also understand the importance of making responsible, planet-friendly food choices, which is why we work exclusively with producers that practice sustainable and organic farming.

Our pizza dough consists of several types of flours, all from Italy and mixed with regional organic flours. To create that fluffy texture and fragrant aroma, our dough rests for a minimum 24 hours. Our pizza sauce uses handpicked vine-ripened tomatoes, softened and steeped in its own juice. Buffalo mozzarella comes from a small producer in Paestum. Fresh Fior Di Latte cheese is made from a centuries-old tradition in Agerola along the Amalfi Coast. Our organic olive oil is a blend of the best southern European olives, and cured meats arrive weekly from Tuscany.

Italian oven masters constructed our grand brick oven. This guarantees a crisp crust, true to the Neapolitan pizza tradition. Each one of our pizzas is unique and the outcome of time, precision, and passion. Artful simplicity with the highest attention to detail and quality creates a true Neapolitan pizza that is rich in flavor. Straight from the oven and expertly crafted, our pizzas are perfect for folding in “a portafoglio” or “wallet” shape, the way the Italians do. We invite our guests to do the same.

A waiter serves a vegan pizza in the Pizzeria Mami Camilla Berlin


authentic Neapolitan pizza and exquisite southern Italian fare in a charming restaurant setting, where hospitality is first and foremost.

The pizzaiolo of Mami Camilla Pizzeria processes the smooth, raw dough


our dining room with bright bougainvillea, cobalt blue accents, and light pinewood. Imagine the colors of the Mediterranean Sea at sunset and be transported.

The pizzaiolo of Mami Camilla Pizzeria processes the smooth, raw dough


traditional as well as new culinary adventures with our always curious team. Mami Camilla is more than just another pizzeria, it's a culinary event.

Our Menu

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Our menu changes seasonally, and we're always evolving in an effort to please the customers we serve. We curate our menu to include a fine selection of classic Italian specialties and reflect the most desirable Neapolitan pizzas according to our customers. With each order, you determine L'evoluzione futura di Mami Camilla (The evolution of Mami Camilla).

View of a delicious pizza with garlic, olives, anchovies and capers

Your neighborhood Pizzeria

Stroll down the tree-lined cobblestone sidewalks, past the historic architecture in the lively district of Prenzlauer Berg, and there you’ll find the perfect place to enjoy a meal with friends or take a break and fuel up while out and about in Berlin. Our open-style kitchen creates an inclusive, home-away-from-home atmosphere for our guests. The Mediterranean décor, colorful Majolica tiles, and pine furniture make for a warm, comforting place to savor the flavors of Southern Italy.

To recreate the artistic and inspirational atmosphere of Sorrento, Mami Camilla has opened up the restaurant to visual artists and local musicians to share their creative work. Come see your neighbors, meet your new (soon to be old) friends, and enjoy authentic, homemade Italian cooking and hospitality without leaving Berlin!

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